Emm J.

Teen Artist

Commissions are open!
Hi, my name is Emm. I’m a 16 year old artist who wants to draw for you guys! I’d appreciate your support. :)

If you are interested, DM (emm#5683) on Discord. Or, email [email protected]



Emojis are $3 each
Chibis are $25
Sketches are $30
Close up/Bust line arts are $40
Colored/shaded close up/Busts are $50
Full body line arts are $60
Colored/shaded full bodies are $70
Drawn backgrounds are an extra $5 (Simple BGs like polka dots or stripes are free)
I will draw anything you ask, except for anything NSFW, furries, and extreme gore.

Also, please remember that I have the right to turn down a request if it is inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable, no matter what you offer in return, I will not accept it. Thank you.

I can only accept money through Paypal at the moment.